We’re brand and design consultants, helping organisations like yours to realise your brand vision.

We’ve been working with ambitious organisations across the UK for nearly a decade helping them understand, clarify, and communicate their brands. We believe in prioritising the long-term wellbeing of people and of the planet, over short-term financial profit.

Defining ambitious
For us at Wonderstuff, ‘ambitious’ means;
An organisation (new or existing) that is developing or launching a brand, product, service, or platform that will…
Achieve measurable and sustainable long term growth whilst…
Prioritising the wellbeing of people and planet, over financial profit.

So, if you’re part of an ambitious organisation, please get in touch – hello@wonderstuff.co

Our Services

We offer three distinct services designed to help you understand, clarify, and communicate your brand effectively.
To find out how our services can help you contact us at

Case Studies

We believe that brand and design is an investment that has to deliver a tangible return for your organisation. As members of the Design Business Association, the trade association of design in the UK, we begin every engagement by considering how we can measure the effectiveness of a project.

Below are three case studies detailing our approach, and which show how we can help you achieve your ambitions.

View more of our work on our blog.

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